space elevator

Ball wants to reach the stars. Since rockets aren't available yet, he decided to build a space elevator. Unfortunately, carbon nanotubes aren't available either, so he had to build it out of crayon nanotubes. Even worse, having no hands and no eyes is really playing havoc with his hand/eye co-ordination. To make this work, he's going to need your help.
Added: December 24, 2008 by thevdog
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space elevator
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dandjh says: July 10, 2011

where do I save the downloaded levels?

balloons says: May 17, 2011

All your levels are so cool!

LivingProof says: December 25, 2008

I like this one... Without playing it, am I right in assuming you have to build objects under the chains on either side to lift the elevator?
Great job, thevdog.

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