Ufo crash!!!!!! HELP THE ALIEN!!!!

You are the alien ball. you space ship crashes and the mother ship is looking for you in the upper right corner. You have to get boath pices of the alien notice ray (the stare) so the mother ship thakes notice of you position. Help the alien ball find the pices. (the first pic will be auto taken)
Added: May 21, 2009 by Stalker1996
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Ufo crash!!!!!! HELP THE ALIEN!!!!
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Stalker1996 says: May 22, 2009

The number in my name hasn't any thing to do with my age 19 is the number of my highest killing spree ever and the number 96 is my favorite number. when i get a 20 kill killing spree i will probably sign Stalker2096. Just saying this because i got some comments on other account-need things.

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