The first level (that I'm aware of) to use gears. Use the gear in the bottom right to move the ball left and right twords the stars!

ps. Gears 2 is now finished!
Added: March 11, 2009 by Chance
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Tags: gears gears single star single ball game pins wheels wheel teeth belt elevator vehicle car draw a box
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jpmv1 says: October 27, 2009

how can i play it i dont understand help me please!!!

XerXes says: March 15, 2009

Well done

crazygoblin says: March 11, 2009

Hey cool. I tried to do one with gears (but not so complicated) but I could never draw them accurately enough to turn at all.

Chance says: March 11, 2009

The picture came out funny, but yes, it works.

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